Telecom operators have in many ways almost completed the job of connecting people, so – argues Andrew Collinson of STL Partners – need to establish their new role.

Andrew chaired day 2 of this years Total Telecom Congress and raised the question of what future role of a telco should be, going on to argue that they could carve out a new role helping to make the world run better.

In this interview we explore the idea that as we move from the Communications Age and into the Coordination Age the role of the telco needs to shift towards doing useful things, which will in itself create value for the business in the future.

The three ages of telecoms

However there are obstacles to doing this, not least the limitations posed by people as telco’s start to think differently about their business models.

Watch the video in full for more insight on this concept which was first aired at this years Congress.

The Total Telecom Congress returns to the Business Design Centre, London on the 29-30 October 2019. Find out more here.

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