Press Release

BearingPoint and A1, Austria’s leading communications provider and part of A1 Telekom Austria Group, today announced the completion of their Next Generation Service and Resource Order Management (NGSOM) project. Using the BearingPoint//Beyond Infonova digital business platform, A1 has significantly reduced the number of systems and complexity in its OSS (Operations Support System) environment. This has enabled the creation of a seamless order management process to support all lines of business, bringing mobile service orchestration onto one platform together with TV and fixed line service orchestration.

As part of its NGSOM project, A1 had to undertake a radical approach to its OSS transformation – which comprised many disparate systems and complex underlying business-critical processes stemming from a long history in the telecommunications business. To do so, it needed to implement a single streamlined, automated platform for consolidated management of all service order communication to its underlying OSS.

A1 selected BearingPoint//Beyond as it was the vendor it trusted to deliver a solution within time constraints and with minimal risk. BearingPoint//Beyond’s Infonova platform works as a non-disruptive solution layer, allowing single services to be seamlessly swapped onto the new system without disruption or outage. The converged order fulfilment and provisioning NGSOM solution can now facilitate unified communication to approximately 50 downstream systems and has already enabled the consolidation of six systems.

“We are delighted to be working with one of Europe’s leading operators as part of its digital transformation project” said Angus Ward, CEO, Digital Platform Solutions at BearingPoint. “By leveraging our technology, A1 now has a reliable foundation to support its future business goals and a scalable platform to adapt as times change and the business grows.”

Since the implementation, A1 has seen a significant increase in speed of order fulfilment, significant improvement of provision failure rates due to the automation, and better assignment and handling of tasks for the operations team.

“In a highly cross-functional team of experts of A1 and BearingPoint, we have mastered the technical and project challenges to replace and improve existing processes to the new platform without interruption of ongoing end to end processes and services,” said Alexander Stock, A1 Chief Information Officer. “In BearingPoint, we have found a partner for our OSS environment that understands our needs and our customers’ expectations and that we can rely on to continue to grow our business.”