Press Release

AccelerComm, the company supercharging 5G with physical layer IP which increases spectral efficiency and reduces latency, today announced that it has created a 7.2x 5G O-RAN standards-compliant base station design for either indoor or outdoor deployments utilizing Silicom’s N5010 platform. The project, developed for a 5G network infrastructure vendor, combines technology from the two companies to deliver a solution that increases reliability while reducing latency and power consumption for the most critical components of the 5G physical layer.

The design provides a low-risk, fast time-to-market solution for 5G equipment vendors to drive the O-RAN industry forward. For the design, AccelerComm’s PUSCH Decoder and the PDSCH Encoder were integrated onto the Intel® Stratix 10 DX FPGA, which is a part of Silicom’s N5010 card utilizing Intel® Open FPGA Stack (Intel® OFS) Software infrastructure, to provide a Layer 1 High PHY accelerator function.

The O-RAN Alliance is transforming how the mobile industry approaches the design and deployment of the Radio Access Network (RAN), moving towards an open, intelligent, and fully interoperable approach from multiple vendors. This approach enables vendors such as AccelerComm and Silicom to partner and bring their unique expertise to market, replacing the closed ecosystems which typically involve just a single vendor.

“For 5G to meet its full potential it is critical that the whole O-RAN ecosystem works together to maximize the benefits from this technology,” said Rob Barnes, Chief Commercial Officer at AccelerComm. “Working with Silicom we are combining our areas of expertise to produce a solution which significantly improves spectral efficiency and network performance while reducing resource requirements and power consumption for 5G RAN equipment, helping deliver on the promise of Open RAN.”

“When we developed the N5010 Stratix 10 based platform, we had in mind 5G/O-RAN performance boosting, which is what AccelerComm has achieved through their implementation on our platform. This project demonstrates the power of collaboration within the Open RAN community,” said Nadav Yafe, VP Business Development and Product at Silicom.

AccelerComm’s physical layer product portfolio includes complete channel coding uplink and downlink IP solutions that deliver reduced latency, high reliability, and low power consumption for the most critical components of the 5G physical layer. AccelerComm’s IP packages can be quickly integrated and flexibly delivered for use in custom silicon (ASIC), programmable hardware (FPGA) or as software solutions, covering all use cases within current standards.