Press Release

Aerohive Networks, the leading independent enterprise Wi-Fi vendor, today announced the expansion of the Aerohive Connect product line, using the power of cloud networking to deliver the essential functionality businesses need to provision robust Wi-Fi connectivity, whether at one or thousands of locations. Aerohive Connect is now available on all Aerohive access points and switches, starting at $229 per access point. Aerohive Connect allows organisations to grow as they go, simplify their network operations, and effortlessly upgrade to the comprehensive industry-leading capabilities of Aerohive Select™. With Aerohive Connect now available across the entire product line, Aerohive offers the industry’s first and only fully flexible approach to high-performance connectivity.

For resellers and MSPs, the expanded Aerohive Connect product line, proven full-featured Aerohive Select product line, and soon to be announced International MSP Programme together present the industry’s broadest range of options to deliver comprehensive, differentiated Wi-Fi solutions and services to their customers. Aerohive’s unique ability to seamlessly scale for increased capacity and functionality enables channel partners to serve their customers with a broad range of connectivity, management, and support options that meets evolving network and business demands.

News Facts
• The Aerohive Connect product line is a self-contained, complete Wi-Fi and wired access solution that provides enterprise-class connectivity, centralised management, and lifetime support starting at $229 per device. Aerohive Connect is particularly well-suited to connectivity-oriented and price-focused organisations that have limited on-site IT resources, such as hospitality, hotspots, and small and medium enterprises, as well as managed service providers supporting such deployments.
• Aerohive Connect requires no subscriptions or renewals, and has no friction as customers look to add new features and services.
• Launched on January 31, 2017 with just two of Aerohive’s entry point access points, Aerohive Connect is now available with all access points, including next-generation 802.11ac Wave 2 APs with software-configurable dual 5GHz radios, as well as high-capacity access switches. Aerohive Connect products are in some cases one-third the price of comparable Cisco and HPE products.
• Aerohive Connect is built around a simplified version of HiveManager® NG, Aerohive’s cloud networking application for managing high-performance connectivity for thousands of devices without the complexities of traditional enterprise solutions. Aerohive Connect provides simplified configuration, troubleshooting, unified monitoring for access points and switches, and overall faster time to operation, which dramatically reduce cost and complexity for both channel partners and customers.
• Customers who later need additional capabilities have a one-click upgrade path to Aerohive Select to instantly access advanced visibility, security, and troubleshooting tools. Aerohive Select is also available as an on-premises solution for those wishing to deploy their management on-site. Aerohive Connect is the only solution in the market that can truly provide a balance between cost and future-proof networking.
• Aerohive Connect includes lifetime support through the HiveCare™ Community. Customers looking for a more comprehensive support offering can upgrade to HiveCare Connect Support to receive 24×7 coverage. Aerohive continues to lead the industry in customer satisfaction.
• Both Aerohive Connect and Select are built on the same hardware platforms and the same cloud and unique distributed-control Wi-Fi architecture that is already serving tens of thousands of customers. The Aerohive architecture delivers a self-optimising and self-healing access layer with virtually unlimited scalability.
• With the expansion of the Aerohive Connect portfolio, proven Aerohive Select solution, expanding analytics and APIs, and increased business flexibility, Aerohive channel partners have unprecedented solution flexibility. Channel partners are now able to fully customise solutions that meet their own requirements, as well as their customers’ deployment requirements, with a single delivery vehicle and technology vendor. As partners grow their managed services capabilities, they can easily create a differentiated value-add service offering for their customers, from Wi-Fi connectivity and hotspot services to fully managed enterprise access networks.

Pricing and Availability
• Aerohive Connect is available immediately across all Aerohive APs and access switches. U.S. list prices for APs range from $229 for AP122 2×2 802.11ac to $1129 for AP550 with the latest 4×4 802.11ac wave 2. U.S. list prices for access switches start at $649 for SR2208 8 port switch, $1189 for the SR2224 24 port switch. All Aerohive Connect APs and switches include HiveManager Connect for cloud network management, technical support from the HiveCare Community, and ongoing software updates with no subscriptions or support contracts.
• Upgraded Aerohive Connect Support is available from Aerohive for $80 per AP per year, with similar services available from HiveCare Partners worldwide.
• Resellers and Managed Services Partners who are interested in adding Aerohive Connect to their portfolio should contact their nearest Aerohive office.
• Customers should contact their local reseller or managed services provider for detailed pricing on all Aerohive products and services.

“We recognise the need for a more simplified enterprise offer with unlimited scalability,” said John Coleman, director of product & partner management, CDW. “We see the Connect offering from Aerohive as a great way for our small business customers, in particular, to protect their investment with an easy option to upgrade as their businesses grow.”

“Hoist Group and Aerohive recently took the attainability and flexibility of Connect to Travel Technology Europe, during a joint presentation to industry leaders across the European hospitality market,” said Bob Durie, managing director for North West Europe, Hoist Group. “The interest shown from attendees at our sessions and later in our follow-up activities proves to us that Aerohive Connect is the perfect conversation starter for a key section of our target audience.”

“We have worked with Aerohive for many years and are thrilled about the Aerohive Connect product line,” said Barrie Desmond, chief operating officer, Exclusive Group. “It’s an exciting opportunity for channel partners to attract new customers and be more aggressive in the market place with a highly disruptive platform that can deliver simple and affordable enterprise-grade connectivity. Connect streamlines partner operations and offers the most flexible cloud enabled Wi-Fi architecture and business model in the market, providing what we feel is the only true solution that can easily adapt with ever changing customer requirements.”

“The Connect solution from Aerohive should be considered by any organization looking for an enterprise-grade wireless solution that can evolve in response to organizational needs,” said Matthias Machowinski, directing analyst, enterprise networks and video, IHS Markit. “The flexible business terms, which separate the hardware and software purchases, is really a differentiator in the market.”

“We’re excited about the enthusiastic response Aerohive Connect has received since our announcement in January,” said David Flynn, chief executive officer, Aerohive Networks. “The expansion of the Aerohive Connect offering to our entire product line offers more customers an easy path to discover the full value of Aerohive’s Wi-Fi and cloud networking solutions. Connect continues to introduce Aerohive technology to new markets, customers, resellers and managed service providers.”