Press Release

Armour Comms, the leading provider of specialist, secure communications solutions, has announced a partnership with Priavo Security and the 360 Maritime Alliance. Priavo Security has added Armour’s secure mobile comms technology to the range of services it provides to clients in the Super Yacht and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) sector. The Priavo Security/360 Maritime Alliance provides a range of security services covering Physical, Electronic and Cyber Security. Both Armour Mobile and SigNet by Armour will be available to clients through the partnership.

Pete Murphy, CEO of Priavo Security, and a founding member of the 360 Maritime Alliance stated; “Having researched the market, we found Armour’s technology to be the most widely approved and recommended. With its two product streams, Armour Mobile and SigNet by Armour, it is able to cover most of the use cases we encounter when providing bespoke security services to clients in the Super Yacht and Ultra High Net Worth sectors.”

The award-winning Armour Mobile secure comms app provides fully integrated secure communications for voice, video, messaging, conferencing, files attachments and MessageBurn (messages timed to automatically delete). An enterprise-ready solution, Armour Mobile is scalable for fast, remote deployment and can be provided with optional Audit features. Armour Mobile is approved for handling data up to UK Government OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE and NATO Restricted.

SigNet by Armour, which is based on the well-respected Signal app, provides similar features to Armour Mobile, with AES-256 bit encryption for iOS and Android devices, and for use with Windows 10, macOS and Linux.

Both Armour product lines have additional security features such as an on-premises option for total privacy as well as the choice of cloud installation on Armour’s secure cloud, secure groups and allow listing features, and a much improved, highly intuitive user interface.

David Holman, Director, Armour Comms said, “The Super Yacht and Ultra High Net Worth markets have their own unique security requirements, where unlike in a corporate setting, a security breach could well be a matter of life and death. At Armour we are committed to providing products that protect privacy, strengthen security and that are designed to be a delight to use, so that people will not be tempted into using considerably less secure consumer-grade apps.”