Press Release

Polish provider of 5G network technology proposed establishing cooperation for developing the modern mobile networks in an open standard across Central Eastern Europe during the Three Seas Summit in Sofia. – There are many promising companies in the Three Seas region able to join the emerging Open RAN ecosystem and our effort for developing 5G. We propose building a coalition in this field, which will greatly benefit all of us – said Artur Chmielewski, Head of Business Development at IS-Wireless, member of the Polish business delegation during the Three Seas Business Forum.

After a recent world premiere of their original 5G solution based on Polish technology, the company shows support for the idea of developing the network based on Open RAN, both on the national and global arena. This approach – unlike the traditional Single RAN – allows the telecommunications network to be created by many parties, rather than by just a select few. The solution – according to its advocates – is also more secure because of a greater control over its functioning, resulting from an open environment and a larger number of providers of network infrastructure elements.
While discussing digitization at the Three Seas Business Forum in Sofia, an event featuring presidents and governmental officials of 11 Central and Eastern European countries as well as business representatives from the region, IS-Wireless encouraged cooperation for building the next generation network using the open system in scope of the Three Seas Initiative.

New face of mobile networks
– 5G is a fuel for digitization. However, we need to find the right way to develop the network. The approach based on open standards we’re following differs from the traditional methods we used for previous generations of networks. Our solutions can run on any hardware and infrastructure provided by any vendor, as long as they decide to open up the interface. This means that we are opening the network ecosystem – said Artur Chmielewski, Head of Business Development at IS-Wireless.
In order for open models to grow – as pointed out by the Polish company’s expert – we need a far-reaching cooperation between the business and state officials. – Open RAN solutions are a perfect fit to work in the cloud. That is why we need to join forces with experts in the cloud computing field. What we bring to the table is working 5G, which we had the pleasure of presenting recently during the largest telecommunication trade show, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. There is no time to lose. We need to start working together right now – stated Artur Chmielewski at the Forum in Sofia.

A breakthrough is coming
In his opinion, 5G presents one of a kind opportunity we need to capitalise on, particularly in the Three Seas Initiative countries. – We are facing two disruptions. One of them is 5G by itself and the second is the shift to Open RAN. Building networks based on open standards will allow e.g., reduction of operational costs for many companies – said Artur Chmielewski. He compared incoming changes to the case of mobile communications explosion. – In the ‘80s it was estimated that by the year 2000, there would be 700 thousand mobile phones worldwide. History shows that in the US alone, there were over 100 million such devices on the market at this time. When assessing the potential of new technologies, we cannot make the same mistake of overlooking the significance of real breakthroughs. In such cases, we’re facing exponential, rather than linear growth – explained Artur Chmielewski. He added: – Our enterprise serves as an example that you do not have to be a huge company to create great solutions. There are many promising companies in the Three Seas region able to join the emerging Open RAN ecosystem and our effort for developing 5G. We need to tap into that potential.

IS-Wireless is a Polish provider of 5G network technology. The company aims to begin deploying fifth generation networks based on their original technology developed by Polish engineers later this year. Implementations are planned both in Poland and abroad. The enterprise is in touch with partners in Europe, United States and Asia. IS-Wireless plans to take over 5 percent of the global Open RAN market during the next three years.