Both Vodafone and Three have signed deals with Snapchat to allow their subscribers to use the service without eating into their data allowance, but Three claimed that they were the only UK network to do so

The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that UK mobile network operator Three breached its code of conduct in a TV ad campaign earlier this year, backing an objection bought by rival MNO, Vodafone.

In a TV advertising campaign, Three claimed that it was the only UK operator that allowed its subscribers to use Snapchat without using their data allowance.   

"On Snapchat, you’re a social butterfly, until you run out of data. But on Three, you can use Snapchat all you like, without using up your data…Snap yourself silly, only on Three," the advert said.  

Vodafone objected to the use of the phrase "only on Three", as its users could also use Snapchat without using up their data allowance, through its Voxi service.

The ASA upheld Vodafone’s complaint and ruled that Three must stop using the term "only on Three" in relation to its Snapchat promotion.

"Because the ads implied Three was the only network to allow customers to use Snapchat without using up their monthly data allowance when those under the age of 25 (or 30) received the same service from Voxi, we concluded that the claim “Only on Three” was likely to mislead," the ASA said in a statement. 

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