Telstra and Ericsson have already worked together on a number of stategic 5G R&D initiatives


Telstra has selected Ericsson to be its 5G network provider, as part of a new deal signed in Canberra this week.

The pair have worked closely together on a number of 5G initiatives down under, including a multi-vendor 5G data call using 3.5GHz spectrum and a 5G data call made over 26GHz mmWave spectrum.

The agreement formally confirms that Telstra will use Ericsson’s 5G kit in its network architecture going forward.

“Today’s signing marks a strategic partnership that has developed between Telstra and Ericsson over many years, and one that has resulted in nearly 40 world and Australian firsts,” said Telstra CEO, Andrew Penn.

“Today’s announcement also coincides with the launch of our 50th 5G-enabled site in Australia. Ericsson has worked closely with us to ensure Canberra, Adelaide and Perth are among the first locations in Australia to be upgraded with 5G technology.”

The deal marks a significant win for Ericsson, as Australia looks to progress quickly with its 5G rollout programme.

“Telstra and Ericsson have continued to demonstrate industry leadership through ongoing innovation and collaboration with best-in-class partners needed to build an end-to-end 5G ecosystem. Together we have put in place the fundamentals that will enable Telstra to succeed in 5G. Through our extensive collaborative efforts, we will ensure Australia is at the cutting edge of mobile technology,” said Börje Ekholm, President and CEO at Ericsson.

In August this year, Telstra began switching on the first components of its 5G network. 


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