Press Release

Fuze, the leading cloud-based communications solution provider for the modern global enterprise, has been selected by Ascendis Pharma to create a modern communications infrastructure that will support the rapidly-growing biotech firm in its collaboration with multiple research partners, manufacturers, and clinical trial specialists worldwide.

Listed on the NASDAQ with a market cap of almost $1 billion, Ascendis Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing a pipeline of long-acting prodrug therapies. The company operates out of a research facility in Heidelberg, Germany with sites in Palo Alto, Calif. and Copenhagen, Denmark. Outsourcing manufacturing, clinical studies, and research to partners in the biopharmaceutical sector is a key strategy, which makes effective collaboration vital.

Fuze is being rolled out under the direction of Lars Tranberg Pettersson, vice president of Information Technology, who joined the organisation in December 2015. Pettersson was quick to spot the opportunity to change the entire communications model at Ascendis Pharma to project an outwardly collaborative and global operation, while strengthening its commitment to cloud-based delivery of IT applications and services.

Fuze replaces a web conferencing system that offered limited functionality with a completely unified communications platform. In one application, Fuze integrates chat, presence, voice, and HD video to allow seamless communication both within Ascendis Pharma and externally to its biopharmaceutical partners. Unlike the existing web conferencing tool, partners and suppliers can participate in any Fuze meeting with ease, without a complicated process when downloading and installing an app to attend every online meeting.

“Our workforce is primarily made up of researchers and scientists and IT just needs to work. Fuze will allow our team to focus on its passion for pushing the boundaries of innovation within the biotech sector, rather than spending unnecessary time understanding an IT product,” said Pettersson. “It was clear from our first conversation that Fuze was committed to understanding the needs of our business and how our employees like to work. The result is a communications approach that is an ideal fit for our workforce and the partners and suppliers we engage with on a frequent basis.”

“Fuze provides organisations like Ascendis Pharma with the opportunity to truly embrace global collaboration, with modern communication methods that are seamlessly integrated and easy to use,” commented Kris Wood, VP EMEA, Fuze. “For ambitious businesses with big plans for growth, flexibility is key and a pure-cloud delivery model provides the flexibility to scale rapidly, but at a predictable cost.”