Press Release

AttoCore, the developer of ultra-mobile core network software technology today announced the latest software release for its flagship AttoEPC product.

AttoCore’s AttoEPC is an Enhanced Packet Core (EPC) suitable for deployment in a wide range of specialist 4G applications at the Network Edge.

Unlike the legacy EPC products of the major vendors, AttoEPC has been created specifically to provide a more simple, easier to deploy and flexible solution, which can be cost effectively deployed in specialist networks, for embedding in radios, or for repurposing for enterprises or rural communities.

Developed to a very high quality, through a programme of continuous automated testing, AttoEPC is a specialist 4G product, which does not bundle any legacy 2G, 3G or circuit switching functionality. It is ideally suited for embedding directly into the radio, to create Network In A Box propositions for public safety and emergency service use and can cost effectively address the Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and enterprise grade Private Networks facilitated by the deployment of radios in the CBRS band.

In addition to adding support for IPv6 and for operation on 64 bit ARM platforms, this new release of software will considerably expand the capabilities of AttoEPC, in particular for Network In A Box and Fixed Wireless Access application, markets already served by AttoEPC.

This release includes a unique, patented network mesh option where UEs maintain their IP addresses and locality of PGW during handover, optimising network performance and reliability. This is supported by a "locally replicated HSS" option enabling every eNodeB with the embedded AttoEPC to operate completely autonomously in times of network fragmentation while maintaining the benefits of centralised management.

The new release has been deployed with lead AttoCore customers during December 2018 and generally available since January 2019.

David Neil, AttoCore Chief Technology Officer, commented: “AttoCore is committed to providing a high quality EPC, suitable for deployment in edge applications including Network In A Box and Fixed Wireless Access. This new software release will further extend the capabilities of AttoEPC and is further proof of our commitment to these target markets.”