Press Release

AttoCore, the developer of ultra-mobile core network software technology, today announced the availability of its data offload solution. Called AttoEdge, it is developed from the same software suite used to create its flagship AttoEPC Enhanced Packet Core (EPC).

Data offload is a technique which allows residential 4G femtocells, CBRS enabled 4G enterprise networks and rural Fixed Wireless Access networks to reroute user data, directly to an enterprise owned private data network, or to the public internet. By offloading data in this manner, more immediate access is gained to the high performance data networks, which have been specifically created to carry large quantities of data. Data offload increases bandwidth and reduces latency (essential for edge applications) because data does not need to traverse the mobile core network. This significantly enhances the end user experience, whilst reducing mobile core network load. Essential signalling traffic continues to be routed between the radio access network and the mobile core.

Developed to very high quality, AttoCore’s AttoEdge is suitable for deployment in a wide range of 4G applications at the Network Edge. The very small footprint of the AttoEdge software allows it to be deployed standalone on low end COTS servers hosting the Linux operating system, or embedded directly onto 4G radios, including small cells.

The data offload capabilities of AttoEdge are based on 3GPP Release 10 compliant LIPA and Release 12 compliant SIPTO. In addition, AttoEdge supports an AttoCore patented alternative to SIPTO, called RIPTO, which is implemented entirely within the AttoCore software and which does not require any software enhancement on the macro EPC. An optional standalone gateway also allows AttoEdge to reduce the number of S1 connections between the radio access network and the macro core network.

David Neil, AttoCore’s Chief Technology Officer, commented: “With the development of AttoEdge, AttoCore is re-emphasising its commitment to address the need for flexible, scalable and high performance mobile core software for deployment at the network edge. With its ability to offload user data from the radio access network onto the public internet, or private data networks, whilst reducing the number of S1 interfaces to the core network, AttoEdge is introducing functionality which will be particularly well suited to deployment in CBRS enabled enterprise and rural Fixed Wireless Access networks.”