Press Release

Modern business VoIP solutions offer a more efficient way of working and deliver a range of useful features such as conferencing options, team messaging and hosted PBX capabilities, all packed into a single platform. Avature, a leading provider of enterprise SaaS solutions for talent acquisition and talent management, has combined forces with DIDWW, a telecom operator that provides premium quality VoIP services worldwide. This partnership will ensure seamless communications and global connectivity throughout Avature’s business by using an innovative cloud PBX™ with two-way SIP services provided by DIDWW.

A cloud PBX gives companies the flexibility that the latest phone system provides without having to invest in expensive hardware. The DIDWW™ is an advanced cloud telephony solution that combines powerful features with a unique and user-intuitive web interface. This platform is fully scalable, and allows users to make changes in real-time. In addition,™ offers ease of use, which means cost savings for staff training and extremely short service implementation times.

Through the new partnership, Avature will use™ to streamline and automate their internal communications processes. The company will also enhance its cloud services by leveraging DIDWW’s widespread phone number coverage and robust local and global network connectivity infrastructure. The HR technology vendor serves customers in more than 160 countries and offers AI-powered solutions to help industry leaders identify, hire and retain talented people in highly competitive industries and markets across the globe.

Cristian Dujmovic, Avature COO, said, "We have found DIDWW to be a great partner. The entire purchasing and deployment process, including endless local and international numbers to serve our customers worldwide, was super smooth. They provide a solution that is easy to use, compatible with the operating systems we use at Avature, with high-quality support and, on top of that, they are helping us to lower our overall communications expenditure."

Darius Siuipys, the™ Product Manager at DIDWW, added, “In today’s rapidly changing environment, businesses need to adapt and respond quickly to new challenges. We are very pleased to be able to provide the right solutions for Avature with exceptional speed and flexibility.”