Press Release

Averon and tyntec Join Forces, Announce Global Launch of Direct Autonomous Authentication®

Strategic Partnership Provides Seamless, Automated and Real-Time Security Controls for Enterprises in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Beyond

tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, and Averon, developer of the world’s first fully automated security solution, today announced their strategic technology partnership. Leveraging tyntec’s extensive wireless carrier connectivity, the partnership will drive a global rollout for Averon’s Direct Autonomous Authentication® (DAA®). Averon’s technology provides instant, frictionless authentication, making it the easiest, fastest and most secure identity verification solution on the market. tyntec, which provides many of the world’s leading internet companies and global enterprises with multifactor authentication services, will enable direct, international, wireless carrier connections for the DAA launch.

The average cost of data breaches is continually rising, and experts maintain that threat actors behind these breaches are increasingly aggressive. In 2018, data breaches compromised more than 2.5 billion records in the United States alone. According to the Ponemon Institute, this equates to US$370 billion in business losses. This landscape prompted a growing need for multifactor authentication controls. However, implementing tighter security is often complicated and frequently leads to a negative customer experience. Together, tyntec and Averon are changing this dynamic, introducing DAA to provide tighter security through a back-end, two-factor authentication cycle that occurs without the need for SMS or user actions.

“While myriad authentication solutions have come and gone, user impact and experience have remained stagnant in recent years,” said Thorsten Trapp, CTO at tyntec. “Today’s security threats are moving too quickly for reactive measures, making seamless, real-time authentication an absolute necessity. Through our partnership with Averon, we look forward to delivering secure, effective, multifactor authentication solutions that also enable enterprises to offer a positive and streamlined user experience.”

Today, Averon provides the only fully automated mobile authentication solution designed to replace complicated legacy methods, including SMS, app downloads and email codes. Using the mobile SIM as the source of trust, it eliminates password hacks and provides a completely frictionless cycle, requiring no user action. The solution can authenticate mobile phones, PC and tablet devices, manage role-based cloud access, secure mobile payments and instantly detect fraud at checkout.

“A lot of businesses struggle to balance effective security and authentication protocols with elegant user experience,” said Wendell Brown, CEO at Averon. “Companies understand the risks they face, from sophisticated threat actors to an increasingly complex connected economy. Until now, they have been forced to choose between ‘ideal usability’ and ‘ideal security.’ Averon’s technology changes that, and with tyntec, we are bringing a new option that provides the best of both worlds: the strongest authentication with the easiest use.”

Building on tyntec’s leadership in global multifactor authentication services, Averon will now have distribution across mobile carrier networks around the globe. tyntec will be the exclusive provider of network signaling data for Averon outside the United States, in regions including EMEA, Latin America and APAC.