Press Release

Beesion, the pioneer of low-code telecom software, has released a new version of its Quality of Mobile Experience application, which collects data directly from subscribers’ devices to help carriers identify connectivity and device health problems.

The mobile app also generates data to help carriers counter data and usage fraud claims. The app can be preloaded into carriers’ firmware.

“Beesion’s Quality of Mobile Experience provides real-time insights into the subscribers’ true experience with the network, their devices, and their data usage,” said Gustavo L. Merchan, Beesion CMO. “It works in tandem with other network monitoring software to give a more complete and detailed picture of the customers’ mobile experience.”

The Quality of Mobile Experience app tracks customers’ dropped calls, signal strength, failed call attempts, and much more, detecting connectivity problems often missed by network monitoring software. This device-generated data is then presented in easy-to-read heat maps, enabling customer care reps to determine whether credits are merited or network performance SLAs are honored. The app can interface with multiple solutions, including the carrier’s CRM suite.

The app can also work in a subscriber-reporting mode, where subscribers can report a wide variety of network problems: no signal, no internet, no outbound text messages and others (The types of events can be customized). If the subscriber doesn’t choose to report, the information is still collected automatically from the device.

At the same time, the app can uncover some types of data usage fraud. The software will show the exact amount of data used by each application, and this info will appear in the subscriber’s account profile in the CRM.

Should a subscriber alter the amount of data used for a specific application to advocate for a lower bill, reps will have evidence of the exact usage and can counter the fraud claim.

The app can also show whether there have been multiple SIM exchanges, which also can be a sign of fraud.

“Fraud costs carriers a lot of money. Our app can help prevent several types of usage fraud that lead directly to revenue loss,” Merchan said.

In a 2016 survey of telecom experts, Neural Technologies estimates that Telecoms operators face an estimated global average loss of 13% or $294bn* (USD) resulting from uncollected revenue and fraud. These include hard revenue losses –such as external fraud, bad debt and internal fraud – totaled 6.9%, (equivalent to approximately $155bn) with missed revenues, for example sub-optimal call routing, poor processes and incorrect data usage,
accounting for the remaining 6.2% ($139bn).

In addition to providing data to counter fraud claims, Beesion’s Quality of Mobile Experience app and software also can identify whether the device is healthy. It monitors the device’s operating system, battery, processor, and memory. For example, if a battery is end-of-life, reps can suggest an upgrade.