The EU’s Roam Like at Home initiative has led to exponential growth in LTE roaming across Europe

International communications enabler, BICS, has announced that 4G/LTE roaming traffic across its international networks grew by 95 per cent in 2018.

BICS expects to see strong growth in LTE roaming continue this year and has predicted that LTE roaming traffic will grow by another 50 per cent in 2019.

“4G/LTE roaming has opened up a plethora of opportunities for individual subscribers and businesses alike,” said Mikaël Schachne, VP mobility solutions at BICS.

“However, when demand and reliance increase, so too must supporting infrastructure and service availability.”

BICS believes that the exponential growth in roaming traffic across Europe has been a direct result of the European Union’s Roam Like at Home legislation, which allows consumers to use their contract data plans anywhere in the EU for no additional cost.

“European subscribers have enjoyed being able to ‘Roam Like at Home’ and now seek high quality, affordable roaming services, wherever they travel. This is forcing operators in other regions outside of the EU to match the European offering by coming together to offer more cost-effective packages to subscribers, while optimising traffic flow at the back-end,” added Schachne.

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