Vodafone has embarked on a high-profile advertising campaign in the UK, forming a series of strategic partnerships with a host of international content providers

Vodafone and EE have been named as the best UK mobile operators for overall video experience in the UK.

OpenSignal has published its latest report, which ranked the UK’s big 4 mobile network operators for overall video experience, grading them on speed, latency, picture quality and overall viewing experience.

Vodafone received a blended score of 62.21, and EE scored 62.15, leading OpenSignal to declare a tie for first place.  The UK’s other two mobile network operators, namely O2 and Three, lagged some way behind, scoring 58.45 and 56.31 respectively.

Vodafone is currently pushing its Vodafone Red tariffs in the UK which boast large data allowances and unlimited access to certain streaming services, including Sky Sports and Amazon Prime.  

Overall, the UK scored 60.05 out of 100 for the quality of its mobile video experience, ranking it as the 29th best country for mobile video.

The Czech Republic was the highest rated country, for mobile video experience scoring 68.25, while the Philippines lagged behind in last place with a paltry score of 34.98.   

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