Press Release

Partner TV, part of Partner Communications, the leading telecommunications group in Israel, has been working with cloud-gaming specialist Blacknut to launch its new cloud gaming service called "Partner TV Gaming powered by Blacknut".

The new service will offer more than 400 family-friendly premium games, including genres such as action and combat, aerospace, car racing, classic and extreme sports, adventure, logic and others.

After examining a number of cloud gaming services over the past year based on various parameters such as game variety, response speed, and interface usage experience, Blacknut was selected as the game application provider for the new service.

Partner TV has carried out a successful pilot, and the service will soon be released to all Partner TV customers. The subscription will give customers unlimited access to 400+ games and a growing library of premium PC and console games every month.

Liran Dan, VP Strategy and Business Development at Partner Communications, said, "The Super-Aggregator approach that Partner was the first to introduce in the Israeli market has led Partner TV to being the fastest growing television service in Israel for the past three years. This launch of the Partner TV Gaming service powered by Blacknut on Partner’s STB is part of the Super-Aggregator strategy we have chosen. In recent months, we have launched bundle offers with Netflix for our TV customers, added a simple access to Spotify following the increasing use of music services on TVs – and now we are excited to add a gaming service.”

“With 2.7 billion people playing games, gaming is one of the most popular forms of online entertainment meaning there’s a huge opportunity for telecommunications companies to launch their own gaming services built specifically for a family-orientated audience,” said Olivier Avaro, CEO of Blacknut. “We’ve worked with Partner TV over the past year to create a service that offers the right mixture of performance, user experience and a catalogue of more than 400 quality games, and we’re excited to see it launch.”

Established in 2016 and launching its cloud gaming platform in 2018, Blacknut is a leading cloud gaming provider that enables ISPs, device manufacturers, OTT services and media companies to quickly launch their own streaming games services, having contributed to the launch of similar services like TimGames in Italy and Swisscom in Switzerland.

Partner TV Gaming Powered by Blacknut will be available to Partner TV subscribers for a monthly fee of 29 NIS (approximately €7.5), with the first two months free. The games are compatible with game controllers provided by Partner as well as game controllers from other popular game consoles.

More information is available on Blacknut’s website and Partner TV.