Press Release

Alternative network provider “brsk” (pronounced “brisk”) makes good on its promise to roll out the UK’s fastest full-fibre broadband by announcing that it has now completed its network build exceeding more than 27 000 homes and businesses, and has connected more than 2 000 customers to its FTTP network.

This news follows recently announced plans to roll out full-fibre broadband to 150k homes across Greater Manchester

Alongside this, brsk have built a reputation for "excellent service" on Trustpilot
Brsk’s subscriber base has reached a penetration of 10% in coverage areas.

Brsk is currently deploying its full-fibre network across three areas in the North of England, namely West Yorkshire, Lancashire and South Manchester. It has managed to gain momentum in a short space of time with its network build now “passing homes” each month on a consistent basis.

The important distinction of this early success has been its’ ability to overcome the industry-wide challenge of contractor capacity in a UK market which is in short supply of a skilled fibre workforce. It has solved this through exclusive and relationship-led partnerships. They have also focused their efforts on connecting new customers to their network, and have built a reputation for “excellent service” scoring a 4.8 “Excellent” rating on the Trustpilot review platform.

Celebrating the progress made, Giorgio Iovino, brsk founder and CEO, said:
“We are immensely proud of what we’ve achieved as a new entrant to the UK market. It’s one thing to focus on ramping up and delivering consistently when deploying at scale, but it’s equally important to ensure you’re connecting customers to your network. Developing a dependable “build engine” that can connect customers, a solid subscriber base and a great service reputation is testimony to the capability and determination that is part of the brsk difference. We are well supported by our equity partner, Advencap, and have put a fantastic team together who are focused on our customer experience and motivated by bringing better broadband to more people across the UK.”

Brsk continues with its planned expansion of full-fibre broadband to underserved areas with poor connectivity and will announce new areas soon.