The move is Vodafone’s latest step towards consolidating and simplifying operations, after new CEO Margherita Della Valle described the company’s recent performance as “not good enough” 

Vodafone has announced that it intends to form a strategic partnership with Accenture, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) confirming their objectives. 

According to the duo, the purpose of the partnership is to “commercialise Vodafone’s shared operations to accelerate growth, enhance customer service and drive significant efficiencies for Vodafone’s operating companies and partner markets, as well as create new career opportunities for its people.” 

Specifically, the partnership will develop Vodafone’s internal IT and networking unit “Vodafone Intelligent Solutions” (VOIS), which supports Vodafone’s operating units and service provider partners, and has over 31,000 staff in various locations. This will be achieved through the use of Accenture’s digital solutions and platforms, as well as their expertise in the field of AI. 

As part of the partnership, Accenture will invest €150 million in VOIS, giving them an undisclosed stake in the business. Vodafone will retain both majority ownership and control of the business unit. 

“Today’s announcement is a significant development for Vodafone as we change and simplify the way we work to better serve our customers and drive growth,” said Margherita Della Valle, Group CEO, Vodafone. 

“This move speaks to their ambition to work in entirely new ways, reduce structural complexity, open avenues for growth, create better experiences for their customers and provide additional career paths for their people,” said Julie Sweet, Chair and CEO of Accenture in a statement. 

As noted in the press release, the partnership will leverage the brands, investments, scale, strengths, and expertise of both companies to build a more agile and efficient organisation that will enable its strategy to focus on customers, simplicity, and growth. 

The partnership is subject to the completion of final agreements, which are expected to close in Spring next year. 

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