Press Release

Leading Dutch communications provider KPN and award-winning customer engagement provider Content Guru have announced the renewal of their storm partnership for another five-year period.

Since 2012, the storm platform has been KPN’s cloud contact center solution of choice across the Benelux, delivering a signature blend of highly-scalable, multi-channel contact routing and Communications Integration to enable existing information systems to interoperate. Through the partnership, some 100 clients now use the platform in the region, including world-leading brands such as Chubb, Fleurop Interflora and Sodexo.

The contract renewal will see KPN and Content Guru build on their existing cloud contact center portfolio and introduce new and upcoming storm capabilities into the Benelux market, such as advanced WFM (Workforce Management) integration, additional WebRTC-based solutions and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Michael van den Brink, Country Manager for Content Guru Benelux, said:

“It has been a very successful first five years with storm in the Benelux. The relationship enables us to work together to quickly deliver new technologies and capabilities needed by customers in the region. The rapid deployment combined with the rich functionality and scalability of the platform gives us a strong position in the market, and we are excited about this close working relationship.”

Alphons Evers, Data & Applications Director at KPN, commented:

“The relationship between KPN and Content Guru has been running for some time and is particularly fruitful. The storm platform’s services and collaboration with Content Guru are an excellent addition to our service offerings for the contact center market. Content Guru offers our clients a future-proof platform with a range of additional services that can be implemented as and when they are needed. KPN can offer storm services as part of a flexible licensing model, and benefit from the scalability of a reliable cloud platform.”

Sean Taylor, CEO of Content Guru and the Redwood Technologies Group, commented:

“The Benelux market is one of the world’s most advanced adopters of cloud contact centers and customer engagement hubs. It’s a very important indicator of global trends and highly innovative and demanding. We’re delighted to have worked with KPN to establish the leading position in the region and look forward to building on that success over the next five years.”