Press Release

Tutela, the crowdsourced mobile data company, has announced today that it has hit the 200 million landmark, in terms of the number of phones in which it is installed on. The firm, which collects and analyses data including mobile signal strength, is now collecting over 1 billion points daily, which reveal the mobile network quality, device and application performance and usage across the world. These figures mean that Tutela is now the world’s largest crowdsourced mobile usage and quality data provider.

Tutela aggregates raw data from across the globe from the background of over 1,000 mobile applications, which is held securely on their cloud-based database and analytics platform. Their insights (example: Brazil Mobile Experience Report) include comparisons of mobile carriers, mobile usage trends, comparisons of mobile device types as well as detailed technical network performance statistics. Data is processed and published via a web-based dashboard and through reports, delivering insights which enable mobile companies to spot gaps, improve mobile internet services and identify opportunities to invest to improve the quality of the mobile internet.

Tom Luke, Vice President, Tutela, said: “Having over 1 billion daily data points to analyse gives us a unique perspective into the way that mobile devices and networks are performing and being used. The reports that we produce are unrivalled in that the data set is exponentially larger than what has been available through crowdsourcing before, which offers near real-time insights in high-resolution and with statistical significance. To date, other insights have relied on biased data, from a much smaller dataset and have been unable to provide an accurate or timely picture to mobile phone operators and app developers.”

Tutela does not collect any personal information or unique device data. This protects the device owner’s privacy, and ensures compliance with data protection and privacy laws such as the EU Data Protection Directive and COPPA.