The service will provide business customers with direct access to The Cloud through BT’s networks in 198 countries across the globe

BT has launched its Cloud Connect Direct service, which offers global businesses direct access to the IBM Cloud through BT’s networks. 
Cloud Connect Direct will leverage BT’s global network spanning 198 countries worldwide. 
“Cloud Connect Direct for IBM is designed to help businesses fully harness the potential of high-value digital services delivered via IBM Cloud. Businesses deploying IBM Cloud services can now benefit from improved performance, security and reliability, creating a rich digital experience for their customers and employees,” said Keith Langridge, vice president of network services at BT.
The Cloud Connect Direct for IBM service will provide BT customers with a dedicated, high-performance connection to the IBM Cloud, improving ease of access to services such as compute, network and storage infrastructure, AI, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), data and analytics capabilities. Direct cloud connectivity improves security and performance compared to connecting over the open internet.
“Enterprises are rapidly turning to the cloud to modernise their core applications and build cloud-native solutions that leverage AI, IoT, Blockchain and more. The collaboration with BT will help enterprises around the world seamlessly connect to the IBM Cloud so they can maximise their data and generate new business value,” said Kit Linton, vice president of network, IBM Cloud.