The UK operator said the five-year deal will accelerate the creation of new digital products and could help BT to cut costs by £2 billion by 2025

Today, BT’s Digital unit has announced a new deal with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that will see the cloud giant help shift BT’s internal applications to the cloud. 

As BT’s ‘preferred cloud provider’, the five-year partnership will see AWS update BT’s internal legacy infrastructure and applications with cloud-first architecture, helping to reduce IT maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency. 

Furthermore, the shift to the cloud will also help the company to create new digital services and bring them to market sooner.

“We have a big opportunity when it comes to modernising our infrastructure, and our collaboration with AWS is a key one for us as we deliver the transformation needed to accelerate BT,” said BT Digital’s Chief Operating Officer, Thomas Dücke. 

According to the operator, the company will continue to make “significant investments” and use AWS technology to further revamp its internal operations, with a particular focus on application workloads via containers and serverless technologies.

The move comes as part of BT’s wider strategic shift, aiming to modernise its operations and thereby save up to £2 billion annually by 2025.

BT has been gradually deepening its relationships with public cloud companies in recent years, following a trend we are seeing throughout a large portion of the international telco community.

Back in March, the company signed a deal with AWS’s rival, Google Cloud, focussing on data analytics, AI, and machine learning, while Microsoft Azure, the third member of the US cloud giant trifecta, was engaged by BT to transition its global managed voice services to the cloud last summer.


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