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INNO Instrument Europe GmbH, worldwide leading provider of optical connectivity solutions, is expanding its service in Europe to meet increasing market demands. The expansion includes the opening of a new center in Dusseldorf, Germany, which extends the company’s high-quality customer services.

With the opening of the new facility, INNO Instrument Europe GmbH can provide more high-quality services and unrivalled calibration, to ensure that operators in Europe and beyond can make further progress towards extending high-capacity fiber optic networks to keep up with the unprecedented demands.

“The demand for high-bandwidth connectivity is increasing worldwide. To meet the demand for new 5G applications and services, operators are continuously upgrading high-capacity fiber optic networks,” says Ethan Lee, Technical Sales Manager at INNO Instrument Europe GmbH. “The successful deployment of these networks relies heavily on the tools and equipment which operators use to build, deploy and monitor networks. Over time we have seen increasing demand for advanced tools to deploy fiber optic network in record speeds and with greater reliability and accuracy.”

The new center in Germany will enable INNO Instrument Europe GmbH to meet increasing demand for its OTDR product services where calibration is unconditionally required. The new facility fully equips the calibration service with advanced inspection measurements and tools to provide improved and faster calibration services. The upgraded service will ensure OTDR customers benefit from consistent product performance so they can continue monitoring networks.

Lee added, “Addressing customer needs is a top priority for the company to deliver a high-quality customer service which matches the quality of our most advanced, market-leading optical connectivity solutions. Our expansion in Europe will help to provide more calibration and certification services for our products to match the growing need. It will also facilitate highly responsive repair services so we can deliver on our promise of providing reliable connectivity solutions throughout the customer journey. Our new center in Dusseldorf is the first of many more facilities which we are looking to deploy across Europe over the coming years to meet growing demand.”

INNO Instrument Europe GmbH, part of the global company INNO Instrument Inc., offers an extensive portfolio of market-leading optical connectivity solutions. The full range includes fusion splicers, OTDR testing solutions, fiber cleaver’s and FTTH solutions which are being used by network operators across the globe to accelerate the deployment of all-fiber access networks.

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