BT’s Complete WIFI service comes with the industry’s first WIFI strength guarantee – promising compensation for any customers who do not receive a strong signal in every single room of their house

BT has launched a new home broadband service that it says will bring an end to domestic WIFI blackspots. BT will guarantee its customers a strong, reliable WIFI signal in every room of their house, using WIFI discs to power its Complete WIFI service.

“Strong, reliable WIFI has never been so important in the home, with families using even more connected devices and wanting to make the most of every room in the home. We’re the first broadband provider in the world to launch a Complete Wi-Fi guarantee so customers can get online from every corner of their homes. Whether it’s converting the attic into an online gaming room for the kids or making a spare room into a home gym where you can stream music or work out videos, our unique Complete WIFI opens up a world of possibilities for our customers,” Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer business.

BT’s Complete WIFI service will utilise signal boosting WIFI Discs, which pair with BT’s new Smart Hub 2. BT says that this configuration can provide wall-to-wall coverage and boost speeds by 25 per cent in an average four bedroom house. As part of its WIFI guarantee, BT will offer customers a £20 refund if they are not able to receive a strong signal in every room of the house.

Eradicating home WIFI black spots is a key aim for telcos in the UK and BT’s latest offering has been welcomed by analysts.

“Complete WIFI targets a major pain point for broadband customers and should prove particularly attractive to families connecting multiple devices. This is important given BT’s accelerating focus on households, rather than individuals.”

“The WIFI guarantee is a shrewd move that adds credibility to BT’s “Best Connected” strategy. By enabling better performance inside the home, BT will also hope to create a stronger platform upon which to bring future services to market and thus drive additional spend,” said Kester Mann, principal analyst, Operators at CCS Insight.  

BT’s home broadband offering will form a crucial part of its Smart Hybrid Network, slated for rollout in 2022. The network will blend 5G and 4G mobile networks with BT’s WIFI and fixed line offering to create a converged network that offers ubiquitous connectivity to BT’s customers. 


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