Ericsson’s annual mobility report predicts that the 5G charge will be led by the US and China, with Western Europe lagging behind in the race for gigabit speed mobile connectivity

Ericsson is predicting that 5G will be available to 40 per cent of the world’s population by the end of 2024, forecasting 1.5 billion 5G subscriptions.  

In the latest edition of its annual Mobility Report, Ericsson is predicting that the surge towards 5G networks will be led by operators in the US and China.  

Ericsson is also forecasting that 5G uptake will be quicker than for previous generation rollouts, as industrial use cases bolster levels of demand for the high speed, ultra low latency connectivity that 5G will bring.  

“As 5G now hits the market, its coverage build-out and uptake in subscriptions are projected to be faster than for previous generations. At the same time, cellular IoT continues to grow strongly. What we are seeing is the start of fundamental changes that will impact not just the consumer market but many industries,” said Fredrik Jejdling, executive vice president and head of business area networks.

Ericsson believes that by the end of 2024, 55 per cent of mobile connections in the US will be made over 5G networks. In North East Asia, the figure will be 45 per cent.

Western Europe is predicted to lag behind on 5G uptake, with only 30 per cent of mobile connections in the region being made over 5G networks by the end of 2024.


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