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Branding is now self-service in the Call2Teams portal

Call2Teams, sold exclusively through the channel, provides partners a leading go-to-market solution for voice-enabling Microsoft Teams. Chosen by Voice and IT service providers around the globe, the Call2Teams portal now provides greater branding and functionality.

Delivering improvements to the Call2teams portal

Bringing your own branding to the Call2Teams portal is now easier than ever. A new Brand Essential feature, offered as a new SKU with Call2Teams, allows partners to self-manage the branding within their own portal access.

Brand Essentials provides a ‘soft’ branding option for those partners who do not need the full private label solution offered by our Brand Complete option.

This advance provides greater branding options for those looking to partner with Call2Teams. Partners can choose to leverage the Call2Teams brand or chose Brand Essentials, offering branding accordingly, or a full private label version is available with Brand Complete, for those that wish to bundle the UCaaS solution within their existing OEM products and services.

With the click of a mouse, partners with the Brand Essentials SKU, as well as those with Brand Compete, can update the header and favicon branding for their users. The URL links for eCommerce and support can also be edited. And partners can also create their own PBX and Trunk templates directly in the portal.

These improvements have greatly simplified the branding process. Partners can now self-manage the following:

? Main portal logo (header logo)
? Favicon (Portal logo)
? Store and support links
? PBX and Trunk Templates

These updates give partners with Brand Essentials or Brand Complete the ability to control some branding elements, allowing them to instantly make changes Removing the need to fill out a form requesting logos and further detail changes and the wait associated with this.

The value of these branding improvements is that the branding can be managed on a tier-by-tier level. Providing a new revenue stream for Call2Teams partners. Partners can cascade their own branding, or offer customer branding to resellers.

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