Press Release

As part of its global expansion, CALVI has recently opened two new offices in The Netherlands and Canada.

As the leading expert in Bill Communication solutions, CALVI’s expansion to other territories was a logical next step. These newly opened offices will help them with their great ambition to spread their expertise and solution all over the world.

The move to Toronto was a logical and strategical choice to put CALVI on the map globally. Toronto is an international hub for IT business, it has a great infrastructure and is a vibrant city to live and work in. For CALVI it is a great place to leave a mark and further build a global presence.

The new office in Tilburg was an obvious choice for the next Netherlands-based office. Tilburg is host to one of the most prestigious universities in Europe and is an important source of skilled and ambitious talent. The interior was designed by two well-known Dutch artists, Piet Hein Eek and Floris Hovers. This location aims to inspire and should also feel like a second home for those who work within its four walls.

Walter Neeft (managing director CALVI Americas), comments:
“With 230 different nationalities, Toronto is officially ranked the most multicultural city on this planet. If you add the fact that the yearly growth of new tech jobs has been outpacing any other city in North America for the last 5 years (including San Francisco!), you can probably imagine why we are so excited to have CALVI’s North American head office here in Toronto. Having an office here brings us not only closer to our customers and prospects, but it also brings us closer to a very diverse group of talented people. It is exactly what we needed at this time where our organization is growing faster than ever. We are always looking for people that will help us take the next step to become the best Bill Communication Platform in the world.”

Leo van der Heijden (CEO CALVI) adds:
“Our expansion in Toronto and Tilburg was part of our game plan offering a great deal of opportunities and enormous potential. The new office in Toronto enables us to better serve our customers around the world and deliver 24-hour support to our customers. It is amazing to see how far bill communication has come in the past few years and I am exceptionally proud of the part we have played in this transformation. We were able to watch this evolution from our seats at the front row and can finally see that our effort is bearing its fruits.”

All CALVI offices inspire both employees and customers. The new office locations ensure that they can act on customer demands more efficiently.