Press Release

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that Chaos Computer Club utilized the ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ to provide Europe’s largest conference of digital experts with ultra-fast broadband. The temporary network, based on German operator GasLINE’s fiber infrastructure, gave around 12,000 participants at the annual Chaos Communication Congress access to high-capacity internet connectivity. Operating at 16QAM modulation, the high-performance link transmitted 200Gbit/s and stretched almost 200km between the meeting center in Leipzig and Berlin. The solution successfully transported alien wavelengths and enabled Chaos Computer Club members to conduct workshops and advance development projects for the duration of the four-day event.

“This year’s conference was our biggest ever with unprecedented numbers converging on Leipzig. It was vital that our temporary network could accommodate over 12,000 participants and support the technical demonstrations that have become the hallmark of Chaos Communication Congress. The speed, reliability and unbeatable energy-efficiency of the ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ made it the perfect solution to transmit alien wavelengths over GasLINE’s meshed ROADM-based optical network,” said Kay Rechthien, backbone and interconnections, Chaos Computer Club. “As Europe’s largest hacker association, our members are at the forefront of today’s most pressing technical and societal issues, including freedom of information and data security. With access to hugely reliable, ultra-low-latency connectivity, we were able to explore and debate the current digital landscape to the full.”

Built on ADVA’s award-winning FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ platform, the point-to-point network featured FSP 3000 QuadFlex™ coherent capabilities. This increases spectrum utilization and enables a single chassis to support multi-Terabit transmissions over long distances without the need for signal regeneration. The open solution also offered support for third-party terminals and alien wavelengths, delivering even greater capacity and total flexibility. With unrivaled energy efficiency, the ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ platform is a highly sustainable solution. Its ultra-low power consumption enables huge savings and its incredibly small footprint means it occupies very little rack space.

“With its open structure and huge capacity, our FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ technology was the ideal solution for Chaos Computer Club’s conference. It enabled the temporary infrastructure to handle enormous data with the utmost reliability and efficiency,” commented Andreas Reinert, sales manager, Central Europe, ADVA. “Chaos Computer Club is a key player in Europe’s digital landscape and its members are among the world’s most tech-savvy people. For their flagship event, they demand access to state-of-the-art connectivity delivered on the most advanced and innovative technology available. To be selected to provide this critical infrastructure really does underline how much trust the IT community has in our solutions and expertise.”