Richard Toper, CEO and Founder of Setics discusses how the company is focused on projects to deliver Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) for rural areas, alongside France’s National Plan. 


About Setics

Setics is an independent consulting firm, dedicated to digital infrastructures and telecommunications. Setics’ activities comprise:

  • Providing strategic decision-making roadmaps in-depth analysis of technical, economic and legal issues
  • Delivering value-added services that require to assemble telecom sector business acumen, technology expertise as well as regulatory watch: consulting and project management
  • Developing and selling Software Products around Broadband Networks Infrastructure

Setics develops and commercializes Setics Sttar, an innovative software for FTTx network design and optimization (FTTH, FTTC, FTTla etc.) that speeds up, cut costs and improve quality during the design phases. Sttar has been used on many projects with an aggregate amount of home passed of several million units, by operators, engineering firms and service providers. (