The company has successfully built a 5G network that enables end-to-end connectivity to the Internet

China Mobile Hong Kong has become the first mobile operator to successfully test end to end 5G network testing by using customer premise equipment (CPE), according to a company release.

"The lab test results produced by China Mobile Hong Kong are different from those announced by other telecom operators. China Mobile Hong Kong has successfully implemented 5G networks in a static environment using 28GHz millimeter-wave spectrum, along with 800MHz bandwidth and 4×4 MIMO multiple-input multiple-output technology. The highest data transmission speed achieved is 14 Gbps, which is much higher than the previous 2 x 2 MIMO technology test results (8 Gbps) released by other mobile carriers. In addition, when using the 3.5 GHz spectrum (100 MHz bandwidth), the highest data transmission speed tested in an indoor environment can reach up to 700 Mbps," China Mobile Hong Kong said in a statement to the press.

The testing took place at China Mobile Hong Kong’s 5G innovation centre, which opened in March this year.  The company also has plans to construct a full 28GHz 5G test bed by the end of 2018 to conduct further live tests into 5G applications.

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