China Mobile is to push ahead with plans to rollout 5G services in the country, as it pledges to install a raft of 5G hardware in Shanghai, later this year

China Mobile has said that it will launch 100 5G ready base stations in Shanghai later this year, as the company prepares to launch commercial 5G services.

"The company has already built two 5G base stations in Shanghai alongside opening a 5G lab to explore possible commercial applications with its partners," said Yan Jun, general manager of the planning and development department of China Mobile in Shanghai.

China Mobile has also committed to rollout 5G base stations in 15 other Chinese cities, including Beijing, Qingdao and Shenzhen, but has not yet specified a timeline for deployment in these cities.

China is amongst the favourites to successfully deploy fully commercialised 5G networks, with some analysts predicting that 5G could be available across a range of Chinese cities by early 2019.