Press Release

World-renowned telecom professional Chris Harper is Neterra’s new Chief Commercial Officer. In recent years, he has been Vice President of market development outside North America for Canadian telecom operator Bell. Prior to the merger of telecom giants T-Mobile and Sprint in the United States, he was Sprint’s Vice President of International Network Services for 14 years. Chris is also a member of the board of directors of the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce and an investor in various business ventures.

Neterra founder and manager Neven Dilkov commented: “Chris joins Neterra at an important moment of our development. We have been pioneers throughout our 25-year history and we like it that way. Our mission has been to be the preferred supplier of choice of telecom services, both for standard and complex solutions, for small and large enterprises alike.

We are a well-known name in the industry in Central and Eastern Europe. Now our challenge has become to be the preferred supplier of choice on a global scale. We believe we can do this because we know the winning recipe. It is one dose inspiration from our pioneer roots, a dose of learning from the best in the industry, adding lots of hard work and having fun along the way. Chris comes as an addition to our management team now.”

Asked what Neterra looked like from the outside, Chris replied that it looks like a young, vibrant, and agile company.

He will contribute to its development with “My unique selling point. I take companies from their comfort zone into new markets and new areas”. For example, Chris took NEC the Japanese company into Russia and South Africa at a time when both countries / markets were emerging and difficult to do business with.
He also built Sprint outside of the USA after they sold all their global assets to Global One/Equant. Most recently he brought Bell Canada to EMEA.

“Most importantly I motivate people to accomplish break-through performance results whilst at the same time having fun and enjoying life as it unfolds.” – Chris says.