The pair announced the deal, live, at Connected Britain 2019

CityFibre has announced a new partnership with SSE Enterprise Telecoms, whereby the company will become an Edge Plus strategic partner for ethernet services.

"Partnering with SSE Enterprise Telecoms was not only beneficial to increase demand in the market, but culturally, our two organisations are well suited, both being guided by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a need to disrupt the market. As a result, we’ll be able to take advantage of SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ extensive network reach and customer base to increase demand for full fibre, metro-based services," CityFibre told Total Telecom at the Connected Britain event in London today. 

CityFibre are set to become an Edge Plus provider for ethernet services from SSE Telecom. The deal will see CityFibre’s ethernet services added to SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ price comparison tool LIVEQUOTE, offering customers a far greater choice when selecting a last-mile service provider.

As part of the deal, SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ customers will gain access to 15 CityFibre networks, five of which are already live with a further ten to be added in the next few months.

“SSE Enterprise Telecoms and City Fibre have invested substantially in UK fibre networks over the last ten years, challenging the status quo and developing a strong proposition in the market. It was essential to choose a like-minded partner to continue to deliver high quality connectivity services to the market, and City Fibre was a natural fit,” said  SSE Enterprise Telecoms chief exec, Colin Sempill.