The plan is being hailed as a huge step in the UK’s mission to kick start its full fibre revolution

CityFibre has announced a £2.5 billion fibre investment plan, that will see it provide fibre to the home (FTTH) connections to 5 million UK homes and businesses by 2025.

Following the company’s acquisition by a Wall Street backed conglomerate in June this year, CityFibre has looked to rapidly deploy capex and kick start the UK’s full fibre revolution. The investment plan identifies 37 towns and cities where the company already has a critical fibre backbone in place and outlines the company’s plans to leverage this backbone to rollout FTTH services.

“With a head-start in 37 towns and cities, this full fibre investment plan enables us to further accelerate our rollout, catalysing huge economic growth in regional towns and cities across the country and transforming the UK’s digital future," said CityFibre’s CEO Greg Mesch.  

“Our rollout will soon bring to scale an innovative wholesale network, providing internet service providers and mobile network operators with greater choice and unrivalled technical capabilities, benefitting all sectors of the market.

“We now need to work together across Government, Ofcom and industry to create a level-playing field that continues to encourage investment from multiple network operators, so that full fibre can be delivered as quickly and effectively as possible,” he added.

Through its partnership with Vodafone, CityFibre has already begun connecting properties for FTTH services in Milton Keynes, Peterborough and Aberdeen, and is due to begin construction in 4 other cities before the end of the year.

The UK currently lags behind its European neighbours on FTTH deployment, with only 4 per cent of the population being able to access a full fibre broadband connection. The UK government has publicly stated the it requires at least 15 million FTTH connections by 2025 to facilitate the development of its digital economy.

CityFibre’s ambitious investment plan promises to provide a third of this ambitious target, cementing the company’s reputation as one of the key players in the UK’s full fibre revolution.  


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