The company’s partnership with Calix will enable it to leverage cutting edge technologies, such as NG-PON2

CityFibre has signed a strategic partnership with Calix to deploy the world’s first Software Defined Access (SDA) operating system in its full fibre network across the UK. 

CityFibre will utilise Calix’s AXOS platform to deliver symmetrical 10Gbps connectivity to its wholesale customers across the country – with the potential for the network to scale up to deliver 100Gbps. 

In collaboration with Calix’s AXOS platform, CityFibre’s hyperfast networks will help to stimulate the development of smart city initiatives as well as expediting the rollout of 5G mobile networks across the country. 

"In Calix we have found a like-minded ally, an innovator that is pushing the boundaries of what is possible when intelligent software meets fibre-only infrastructure. Our partnership enables us to unleash the full power and potential of our fibre networks, creating the nation’s fastest, smartest and most accessible, digital communications platform. 

"The ability to scale services up to 100 gigabits per second, while driving customer experience to new levels, highlights the inadequacies of connections that are passed off as fibre today. It also shows that not all full fibre networks are equal and that, as an alternative network builder, CityFibre’s commitment to the UK’s digital future goes far beyond simply putting fibre in the ground,” said Greg Mesch, chief executive of CityFibre.

Hear more from CityFibre’s head of products, Clayton Nash, in our exclusive interview below.