Press Release

Global innovator in optical and electrical connectivity, HUBER+SUHNER is set to launch its world-first in LC fiber connectors – the COVERINO LC – at ECOC 2018, 24-26 September in Rome.

Created to enable safe optical connectivity, a matching adaptor is available in addition to the COVERINO LC connector to offer full mechanical, dust and laser protection, ensuring complete protection for any user. Providing optimal handling for consumers to easily install at home, the connector is compatible with the company’s patented push-pull functionality, which can be added to the connector to offer ease of installation even in high-density environments. As well as this, it has a simple and easy to use latch mechanism to ensure connectivity can be made with one hand.

The new connector is fully compatible with standard LC connectors according to IEC 61754-20, bringing high-speed, safe connectivity to homes. Compared to other similar products on the market today, the COVERINO LC additionally features an automatic, spring-loaded shutter mechanism allowing for the highest safety protection when the connector is unplugged.

“The COVERINO LC is a solution of much research and development, drawing on our many years of experience in the industry,” said Nesa Scopic, Head of product management Fiber Connectivity Indoor at HUBER+SUHNER. “Handling cables in the home can always be a safety concern, especially for consumers with children, but our strong capabilities in this area have meant we have been able to develop a completely safe solution.

“The COVERINO LC truly brings the high data rate of optical fiber into the living room, while removing any installation or safety concerns. We are proud to present a world-first in HUBER+SUHNER developments at ECOC this year,” added Scopic.

For further information on HUBER+SUHNER and technologies on display at ECOC 2018, please visit:

Visitors can visit HUBER+SUHNER at booth 410 at ECOC, Fiera Roma, Rome, 24-26 September.