Deutsche Telekom’s network upgrade programme will bring ultrafast connectivity to some of Germany’s most remote communities

Deutsche Telekom has completed an ambitious network upgrade project that has boosted ultrafast broadband speeds on its networks to 250Mbps, according to a company release. The number of ultrafast lines in Germany now capable of receiving speeds of 250Mbps or more now stands at 8.9 million.

"The task of maintaining and developing the network is a central part of our intelligent network management. This network management effort is guided both by the technological opportunities available and by customer wishes. It forms part of Deutsche Telekom’s core competencies. Developing the network with the aim of achieving a gigabit society is a clear goal of the company," a spokesperson for Deutsche Telekom said in a statement to the press.

The network upgrade project also boosted the number of customers able to receive speeds of 100Mbps, adding a further 415,000 ultrafast connections to Deutsche Telekom’s books. This was achieved through retrofitting with vectoring technology.

Deutsche Telekom is embarking on an ambitious plan to dramatically boost ultrafast penetration levels across the country, particularly in Germany’s rural and hard to reach communities.

"These figures reveal yet another of Deutsche Telekom’s strengths. The company is far more active in Germany than any other provider. From north to south and east to west, from the big cities to the smallest communities, people everywhere are reaping the benefits of Deutsche Telekom’s efforts. This time several hundred thousand of lines are being upgraded in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. Yet in each of the villages of Grünsfeld, Gumtow and Kaub, for example, the work benefits just a couple of dozen users," said Georg von Wagner, a Deutsche Telekom spokesman.