CityFibre is building full fibre networks in 26 towns and cities across the UK, in the first phase of its FTTH deployment project, in partnership with Vodafone

UK full fibre network specialists, CityFibre, has confirmed that it will make its dark fibre assets available to its competitors, as it looks to build out its networks in 26 UK towns and cities.

Speaking at the Carriers World event in London on Wednesday,  CityFibre’s head of product, Clayton Nash, said that making City Fibre’s dark fibre available to its competitors would be a key step towards achieving Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s pledge to deliver full fibre connectivity to the UK population by 2025.

“18 months ago we would have all been sat here listening to all kinds of G.Fast and copper based solutions from incumbent operators. Thankfully, now we are all on the same page on fibre. We are doing it, BT are doing it and a whole range of other companies are also doing it,” he said.  

“One thing we are doing, that nobody else seems to want to do, is making our network available to companies that want to build things. If you want to buy dark fibre from us, we’ll do that. If you want to buy dark fibre from us and try to compete with us, that’s fine. We are trying to make sure that everything is available to everybody,” he said.

Phase one of CityFibre’s massive fibre to the home deployment, in partnership with Vodafone, will deliver one million FTTH connections across the UK, with phase two of the project scaling up to 5 million connections by the mid 2020s.

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