The B2B wireless connectivity provider said it will apply for the spectrum package reserved for a fourth operator in Belgium’s upcoming 5G auction

Citymesh is preparing to compete in Belgium’s mobile consumer market, announcing its intention to apply for the spectrum package set aside by the Belgian regulator for a potential fourth national mobile operator. 

Back in December 2020, Citymesh was acquired by IT service provider Cegeka. At the time, Citymesh said that the acquisition would give them the capital and expertise they needed to achieve their long-held aspirations of becoming Belgium’s fourth mobile network operator.

Now, the company has announced that the new partnership it will be able to secure the required investment of around €100 million in order to apply for reserved spectrum package. 

“Citymesh has had the ambition for years to become the fourth telecom operator,” said Citymesh CEO Mitch De Geest. “We have found the final pieces of the puzzle; we have national 4G and 5G spectrum, a clear vision and, together with Cegeka, a strong and complete offering to shake up the telecoms market in Belgium.”

The spectrum package will give Citymesh access to 700MHz, 900MHz, 1,400MHz, 1,800MHz, and 2,000MHz spectrum, which the company will add to the spectrum in the 2,600MHz and 3,500MHz bands which it already owns.

This broad array of spectrum will not only allow Citymesh to provide improved B2B services, but also present a competitive consumer offering.

"We have the great advantage of being able to build our networks from the ground up according to the latest standards," said De Geest. "Thanks to sufficient capacity in the 5G package, we can also use these state-of-the-art 5G networks to realise a unique offering on the consumer market."

Belgium has been seeking a fourth mobile operator since at least 2019, with the market being dominated by Proximus, followed by Orange Belgium and Telenet. A study by the regulator back in 2018 had concluded that a fourth national operator could reduce mobile prices.

“The possible entry of a fourth operator will allow for lower prices, more innovation and a faster roll out of 5G,” said the ministry for telecoms and the digital agenda in a statement at the time. 

De Geest and Citymesh appear to agree that their entrance would make the market more competitive, suggesting that it "would not only be interesting in terms of mobile internet prices, but also in terms of employment and the development of Belgian talent".

In related news, Citymesh announced last month that it was deploying a private 5G network at Brussels airport, aiming to use the network to facilitate remotely operated drones for surveillance and plane inspections. 


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