Press Release

Polish company IS-Wireless, specialized in providing 5G network solutions wants to bring together international business and science communities in order to cooperate in building next-generation networks in an open model. At the end of May, the company will host the first meeting focused on this goal, serving as a foundation for its future cooperation with foreign partners.

– We would like to talk to telecommunication and technological enterprises, including global industry leaders, discuss a common approach to building a 5G network, and share our experience and knowledge in the field – says the president and CEO of IS-Wireless Slawomir Pietrzyk. For that reason, the company will host the 1st international conference on the subject in May. Participants will meet online, and the theme of the event will be „5G Made Together – Creating future with open ecosystems”. The debate followed by presentations given by experts will aim to bring together Open RAN technology market leaders from around the world and allow them to look for opportunities for future cooperation. President Pietrzyk admits that the company does not only want to expand its partnerships but also initiate the establishment of an ecosystem benefiting Open RAN models for building next-generation networks in this region of the world. – We want to discuss the challenges ahead of Open Ran Wave 2.0 with our partners. We would like to be particularly active in the field of cybersecurity. This has resulted in the idea of security certification of Open RAN solutions, which will be discussed during the conference – adds Slawomir Pietrzyk.
Experts at IS-Wireless state that the 5th generation network built in the Open RAN model may revolutionize the whole market, as it will lead to the end of its division among the large players. Therefore, it shows great potential for plenty of companies offering their own innovative solutions and willing to compete on a global scale. Organizers of the conference point to the fact that European operators and national leaders, including Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, declare Open Ran as a direction to be pursued. Meanwhile, few European technology providers are active in this growing, global market. This creates a massive market niche and opportunity for our company – adds Slawomir Pietrzyk.

Conversation on cooperation and technical aspects of Open RAN
12 experts plan to give their lectures during the conference scheduled for 27th May. – The event will focus on the technical aspects of building fifth-generation networks and issues around them, such as cybersecurity. I believe that the diverse group of experts will allow us to learn from each other. It could lead to new opportunities provided by the cooperation – says Slawomir Pietrzyk.
Aside from the technicalities, experts will discuss the state of global 5G development, identify the areas of process advancing smoothly and point to those lagging behind. They will also consider how safe can the next-generation network become, why is Open RAN the model of the future, and whether the telecommunications market is ready for upcoming changes.
In April IS-Wireless has announced that in the second half of the year it will start the first 5G network based on Polish technology. The company will implement the Polish solution all around the world. The strategic goal of the enterprise is to take over as much as 5% of the global Open RAN market over the next three years.