Press Release

Cloud and Fibre has chosen Highlight’s network and application performance monitoring to differentiate its services and to build on its core values of being an organisation that promises honesty, integrity, and transparency.

From its offices in Manchester and Deeside, Cloud and Fibre deliver voice and data solutions to small and medium-sized businesses across the UK and Western Europe. The company will use Highlight to monitor and report on all network and connectivity services, giving both its partners and end customers full visibility into the status of those connections.

David Iftakhar, Managing Director of Cloud and Fibre says, “As we’ve expanded over the last four years, we wanted to make ourselves different from competitors. Specifically, we wanted to provide our channel partners with the advanced features that only the bigger players are offering. With Highlight, we can both improve our own internal processes as well as give partners and customers full visibility and insight into the quality of our services.”

The company delivers hundreds of connections via broadband and Ethernet with more and more customers opting to use VoIP services for critical day to day telephone operations. With Highlight’s real-time graphical information, Cloud and Fibre will be able to see its entire network and all applications in a single pane of glass, with heat tiles providing clear and actionable information about the performance of services.

One of Cloud and Fibre’s loyal customers is a large Bristol-based insurance firm. As David explains, “This company has been with us from the beginning and we will give Highlight to their IT staff to ensure they have full visibility into their internet leased line and the services that run over it. There are no specific problems we want or need to solve but it will give them peace of mind and confidence that we are continually improving what we do.”

Cloud and Fibre’s channel partners will also use Highlight to gain an instant overview of their entire customer base. They don’t have to be engineers, those in sales, service management and operations will be able to drill down through clear, real-time graphical information to understand and manage performance issues.

“The more resellers know about their customers and can foresee problems before they happen, the better the services they will deliver. They will be able to identify those who are maxing out their bandwidth and be proactive about offering additional services. This also means partners will be able to sort an issue before putting in a support call to us,” continues David.

“By enabling our partners and customers to log in and see Highlight’s accurate, impartial evidence of applications and network service performance for themselves, they will be reassured that they are working with a trustworthy partner. We care about our customers and take it to heart if something as important as a voice service stops working. It’s vital that we know how everything is performing and then fix any issues quickly.”