Press Release

Cloud-based communications provider, CLX Communications, today announced the deployment of a global cellular IoT connectivity solution for European fuel cistern and tank-monitoring and supply chain optimization specialist, Top Fuel.

Designed specifically for enterprises that are managing or bringing IoT and M2M applications, products and services to market, the CLX IoT connectivity service delivers a network connection anywhere in the world through an extensive network of direct operator connections.

Based on a re-programmable SIM card technology, enterprise customers need only insert the physical SIM card into an IoT device once, as the operator can be changed at any point during the device lifecycle without replacing the SIM. Using the same over-the-air functionality, the CLX SIM’s can be automatically updated to use the best current network based on coverage or cost.

Kjell Arvidsson, VP of Corporate and Business Development, CLX Communications said: “When a business wants to deliver IoT products or services in multiple countries, a need for one global SIM card with coverage in all networks, at reasonable price-points, is a commercial and operational imperative.”

The implementation of CLX’s reprogrammable SIM will enable Top Fuel to offer its network of European customers, in thousands of sites, the ability to fully automate its fuel tank monitoring, tracking and order handling process. This optimises fuel and chemical deliveries based on real-time data from sensors in each tank site. The result is significant efficiencies and cost-savings in the complex logistics associated with the petrochemical industries.

Jens Johansson COO, Top Fuel said: ‘Using the CLX IoT SIM for global distribution brings simplicity and cost-savings that can only come from having one global partner.’

Kjell Arvidsson, VP of Corporate and Business Development, CLX Communications, “Previously enterprises that wanted to build cellular IoT connectivity into their products had to deal with the complexity of managing multiple operator agreements. That’s a problem if you are producing something that is shipped internationally or depends on the free movement of a vehicle for example. Our reprogrammable SIMs massively reduce this complexity by offering a single point of entry to a global network of mobile operators.’
‘The deployment with Top Fuel delivers a flexible IoT service, ultimately automating and optimizing a process at the best possible price point based on the best possible connectivity.’ Arvidson concluded.