5G will bring with it a surge of end user demand in both volume and variety, becoming increasingly complex to manage – but there is a solution

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it is that 5G has the power to change the world. Whether through unlocking smart cities and autonomous cars, or making virtual and augmented reality possible, the very fabric of our ever-more connected lives has the potential to be transformed by 5G over the next decade. 

But underpinning all of these amazing possibilities are the networks themselves, which not only face rapidly increasing demand, but also an increase in complexity through the introduction of new services. As a result, key challenges for operators in the 5G age will be reducing the operational costs and complexity of their networks, as well as managing them efficiently and strategically to maximise the value of 5G.

This is where AI, machine learning, and automation comes in.

In Total Telecom’s upcoming virtual panel, in partnership with Oracle, a selection of experts will explore the benefits of deploying zero-touch 5G networks, from network management to service provisioning. 

The panel will discuss the ways in which machine learning and AI will soon become integral to network management, not only through automating the increasingly complex network functionality, but through effectively handling the data, autonomously generating predictions, recommendations, and ultimately decisions.

This will be especially true for the ways in which automated networks can better support next generation services including mobile edge computing and dynamic network slicing, the successful management of which will be key to rolling out a host of new services on 5G networks.

“To truly capitalise on the 5G opportunity, providers should focus on automating, in an increasingly intelligent manner, their end-to-end processes – both internally and with ecosystem partners – to efficiently deliver compelling, differentiated business outcomes to enterprises and consumers alike,” said Leonard Sheahan, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Oracle Communications.

“Monetisation, in the Era of 5G, is completely dependent on intelligent, predictive operations. It is more than a case of simply coping with greater complexity; it is about real-time, strategic decision-making to optimise for business outcomes. We call this capability the autonomic network,” said Mounir Lakdi, President & CTO of MYCOM OSI. 

Automation and 5G networks is about so much more than reducing manual network management – it is about creating a highly flexible, intelligent network that rapidly responds to the demands of both the customer and the operator.

Total Telecom’s webinar “5G and automation: Exploring the benefits of zero-touch 5G networks” will take place on Thursday, Feb 25th, at 2:00–3:00 PM GMT

The panel:

Antonietta Mastroianni, Group CIO, TDC Group

Enrique Blanco, Group CTIO, Telefonica

Leonard Sheahan, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Communications

Mounir Ladki, President & CTO, MYCOM OSI

Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum (Moderator)

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