Comms ministry opens public consultation into spectrum auction as it seeks to boost 4G availability.

Colombia this week formally launched the process that will see it allocate spectrum in the 700 MHz and 1900 MHz bands.

The country’s Ministry of IT and Communications (MinTIC), working with the National Spectrum Agency (ANE), on Tuesday opened a public consultation into the award process.

Interested parties have until 7 March to submit their comments.

The spectrum up for grabs will be important for expanding mobile coverage and enabling the broad availability of 4G services in Colombia, MinTIC said, in a statement. More remote areas of the country will benefit from the process, it said.

The ministry has up to 70 MHz of 700-MHz spectrum to award: 713 MHz-748 MHz paired with 768 MHz-803 MHz.

It will also offer 5 MHz of frequencies in the 1900 MHz band: 1865 MHz-1867.5 MHz paired with 1945 MHz-1947.5 MHz.

The airwaves will be awarded via an auction that will be run by MinTIC.

The ministry has yet to set out a timeline for the sale.