Press Release

Colt connects to over 200 Cloud on-ramps globally

Colt brings enterprise sites even closer to the Cloud, covering almost all major public cloud PoPs in Europe and Asia

Colt Technology Services, a leading provider of agile, high bandwidth connectivity solutions, has today announced that it is now interconnected at over 200 public Cloud on-ramp locations globally, covering the vast majority of the major public Cloud Points of Presence (PoPs) market in Europe and Asia.

Colt continues expanding its Cloud on-ramps, connecting to Oracle Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. The most recent addition of a new interconnect to the Oracle Cloud in Newport, Wales, means Colt is more connected to the Cloud than most of the global providers in Europe and Asia.

Exceeding 200 on-ramps makes Colt a leading cloud incumbent in Europe and Asia. It means the connectivity provider can bring enterprise sites even closer to the Cloud for the lowest latency possible. Colt’s extensive coverage of cloud PoPs also allows it to offer customers significant cloud PoP diversity options and fully resilient connectivity in one country or cloud region.

Cloud migration is a key driver defining enterprise IT strategies, and the last 12 months have seen a surge in cloud migration, driven by COVID-19. New research from Colt found that enterprises are engaging with a new era of Cloud possibilities and embracing a whole new generation of Cloud-centric compute and connectivity. Technology evolution as a key enabler of enterprise digital transformation plans.

Colt’s Cloud connectivity solutions are based on its intelligent Colt IQ Network, which comprises 29,000 on net buildings and over 900 data centres. Colt’s fully-owned and operated dense fibre network allows enterprises to benefit from an end-to-end, seamless and highly scalable connection to the Cloud.

Since the launch of Colt Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) portfolio, which is underpinned by the intelligent Colt IQ Network, Colt has delivered thousands of customer connections towards the Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) through its DCA products, including Cloud On Demand, DCA Ethernet, IPVPN, SD WAN multi-cloud, and PrizmNet product offerings.

Keri Gilder, Colt’s CEO, comments: “Many years ago, at the start of the rise of cloud, Colt made its first interconnect with AWS Cloud. Today, with over 200 public Cloud on-ramps – more than most providers in Europe and Asia – we’ve become a global cloud incumbent for connectivity.

“At Colt, we know there is a direct correlation between the success of cloud migration projects and connectivity. We’re committed to serving enterprise cloud requirements with our flexible, high bandwidth and low latency network. This landmark is an example of that and our determination to become the network platform underpinning enterprise cloud transitions.”