Press Release

Glide Group, a market leader in ultra-fast broadband connectivity and deploying fibre infrastructure, today announces that it is deploying its award-winning fibre infrastructure to supply Corby Gate Business Park with gigabit fibre broadband. Having previously deployed copper products in Corby, Glide has now chosen to upgrade its current infrastructure with Gigabit-capable fibre to support the creation of next generation workspaces.

For businesses, gigabit broadband means greater speed and higher productivity. Reliable, ultrafast broadband aligns with the agile working patterns now expected. With many companies considering a hybrid working approach, employees working from home require technology, such as cloud based workspaces and collaboration tools, that facilitate maximum efficiency and allow employees to continue working seamlessly from remote locations.

Glide has challenged convention to transform thousands of businesses across the UK, bringing Full-Fibre broadband directly to business parks underserved by larger ISPs. Every metre of fibre that Glide lays in Corby is 10 Gigabit-capable. Entry-level services are FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband, 100Mbit/s symmetric, up to 1Gbit/s (or more) leased lines, to suit any business requirement.

In what is planned to be a two-phased approach, Glide aims to complete phase one by mid August. Phase two will roll out new infrastructure and services to all business and retail parks in the east and north of Corby town centre, subject to approval. Glide aims to complete phase two – which will upgrade the connectivity of approximately 700 businesses – by the end of the year.

Tim Pilcher, CEO of Glide Group commented: “Glide prides itself on its commitment to connect as many hard to reach businesses as possible, and our rollout in Corby will provide these organisations with award-winning fibre that offers fast and reliable connectivity. SME businesses took a hit in this pandemic and with the growing need for robust remote working and the very best WiFi, it is our priority to equip these companies with the best fibre connectivity possible.”