Press Release

Comarch S.A. and IS-Wireless have established a cooperation and plan to reach customers with their joint telecommunications offer. The companies will integrate their solutions to provide fully functional mobile networks built in the Open RAN model.

Comarch S.A. and IS-Wireless (ISN Sp. z o.o.) signed a memorandum of understanding on Thursday, December 9th, 2021, in which they emphasize their willingness to cooperate and integrate their development activities. The solution will consist of OSS, BSS, and SMO developed and delivered by Comarch S.A., and RAN, Core, and MANO components in 4G and 5G technology provided by IS-Wireless. The companies will join forces to enter the market with a comprehensive 5G mobile network solution.

The offer is dedicated for mobile carriers and other customers looking to implement private 5G networks, such as local governments and those operating in the sphere of Industry 4.0.

The solution will be built in accordance with Open RAN principles. As a result, the networks will be delivered faster and at a lower cost compared to utilizing traditional vendors. It’s also a new opportunity for new companies to enter a market which has been closed for so many years.

"We’re very pleased with the idea of entering cooperation with IS-Wireless. We trust that, by combining both companies’ strengths, we can achieve an even greater final product for our customers,” says Jacek Lonc, Head of the Telco Sales and Business Strategy Division at Comarch. “In terms of Open RAN, we consider this cooperation to be the next step towards bringing more innovation and openness to the telecom industry.”

“We believe this cooperation can be beneficial not only to IS-Wireless and Comarch, but first and foremost to our current and new customers. Open RAN holds a number of new opportunities, which make this partnership a very exciting beginning to an open future of 5G and telco industry,” says Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO and Founder at IS-Wireless.