We caught up with Elad Nafshi, EVP and chief network officer at Comcast, to discuss the company’s new 10G network upgrade and the added reliability this brings to customers

Over the past two years, Comcast has made significant advances in 10G network capabilities, building on the latest DOCSIS 4.0 technology. By the end of 2022, in a world-first, the operator was trialling 10G and Full Duplex DOCSIS 4.0 network technology in a live network, paving the way a commercial rollout of multi-gigabit connectivity over its cable network.

Just a few short months later, in early 2023, the company’s enormous network upgrade had already begun, with around ten million homes targeted to receive the upgrade and become part of Comcast’s Xfinity 10G Network.

At this year’s Connected America conference in Dallas, Texas, we caught up with Comcast’s chief network officer Elad Nafshi to learn more about the impact the company’s Xfinity 10G Network could have for customers.

“Xfinity 10G network is about multi-gigabit symmetrical services with unrivalled reliability, both powered and empowered by real-time telemetry, that offers the lowest latency to all of our subscribers,” explained Nafshi. “Not just the customers on the right side or the left side of the street, but across our entire network. It’s truly transformational and its very, very exciting.”

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Higher speeds are to be expected from a next-generation network upgrade, but perhaps more interesting here is the network’s improved reliability thanks to the incorporation of emergent technologies.

“For the first time, we’re able to see a down-to-the-second view of what customer experience is,” explained Nafshi. “Taking that data, we can start to self-heal. We can start to run AI and machine learning algorithms on top of the network to pinpoint network failures and event to predict them before they ever happen, allowing us to self-heal a lot of these failures before they impact customers.”

The Xfinity 10G Network has already passed ten million homes, with vast majority of Comcast’s network set to be upgraded by 2025.

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