Press Release

Comms365, a specialist in bespoke connectivity solutions, today announces availability of Prism, its Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) solution designed to meet the specific needs of SME customers, through its channel partner programme.

SD-WAN is thought by analysts to be the key to reducing IT costs and improving speed, security and business continuity, through added resilience. Until now, solutions have only been available to large enterprises, however SMEs have the same need for a more efficient IT infrastructure. Comms365 is now able to deliver an SD-WAN solution specifically for SMEs and support the channel in getting the solution to the market.

SMEs benefit from the full range of Prism features including, seamless failover, site to site Quality of Service (QoS), and a centralised management platform that facilitates new site additions, deletions and changes within minutes. Prism for SMEs gives IT managers complete control over their network, enabling significantly increased agility with a low cost, secure and scalable solution.

Available through Affinity, Comms365’s partner programme, channel resellers are able to access the full capabilities of Prism which is underpinned by Comms365’s next generation core network. Resellers can make use of the Comms365 marketing support offered within the partner programme, or choose to white-label the solution and offer their own branded SD-WAN service. This will enable IT resellers for the first time to offer affordable, quick to deploy, enterprise-quality SD WAN to the SME market.

“Software-defined network solutions are having a huge impact on businesses’ ability to streamline processes and improve performance,” comments Mike van Bunnens, Managing Director at Comms365. “99% of UK businesses are SMEs and a significant number of those businesses have multiple sites that need connecting in the most efficient way possible. It is vital therefore that channel resellers are able to provide cutting edge technology that enables them to build the most efficient and cost-effective IT infrastructure to support their customers whilst keeping pace with larger competitors. Even single site businesses can benefit from this technology due to its resilience, QoS and ease of installation.”

Darren Smith, Director at Opious adds: “Working with Comms365 we have been able to expand the portfolio of products we are able to offer our SME customers and provide the absolute cutting edge in network technology. We are seeing growing demand from customers for IT infrastructure that is agile, easy to deploy and simple to manage, and Comms365 has not only given us the products, but the sales and technical support needed to meet this need.”